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The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is not for everyone; it is not a Golden Retriever or Labrador. The Chessie is a rough-and-tough descendent of two Newfoundland dogs that were shipwrecked off the Maryland coast in 1802. Every Chessie today can trace its lineage to these dogs. Chessie breeders, through careful and responsible breeding, have maintained the integrity of the original dogs. Overall, this is an exceptionally sturdy breed – one of only five naturally bred American breeds. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is known as “America’s Dog.”

Our experience with Chesapeake Bay Retrievers began more than ten years ago when we purchased Seamus from a “backyard” breeder. Seamus was born under a porch, had a sturdy build and a thick curly coat. Once we got him home and gave him a bath, we could see that his color was bright, red sedge. Seamus was an avid swimmer and loved to retrieve. Realizing his beauty and durability, we decided to start showing Seamus in conformation class. We learned that this rough-and-tumble dog could exit the water after a long retrieving session, shake himself off, and minutes later, be ready for the show ring. That is when we became fully aware of how versatile the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is: good companion, reliable watch dog, superior retriever, great athlete and showman.

Today, Sandpiper Chessies is a breeder known for their championship bloodlines, excellent health, temperament, and striking appearance. As a breeder we strive to maintain high quality in our puppies through a selective and limited breeding program. We realize that people want dogs for many different reasons; however, we are particularly interested in placing our puppies with those who will allow them to reach their full potential, whether in the field, agility, or in conformation. But more important, we want our dogs in homes where they will get plenty of love, discipline, and exercise – where they will be part of the family.

Our kennel is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, just east of Roanoke – not too far from Smith Mountain Lake. We are on four, wooded acres, where the air is crisp and clean.

Puppies born July 5, 2015
Grand-puppies of Gavin (GCH Sandpiper's Number Six) and Fiona (GCH Pondhollow Sandpiper's Mystic) Please contact Craig Smith: (919) 258-3911.

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Brianna (Ch. Silvercreeks Star of Bear Run) has had many group placements, including a Group II, at the Eukanuba Harrisburg Show. She was ranked #12 in the country during her peak show season. Brianna also serves as a therapy dog and makes weekly visits to the local Veterans Care Center. Most recently, she earned an "Award of Merit" in the Best of Breed competition at the 2011 National Specialty show.

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Dr. Michael and Susan Sciarini

160 Big Bear Run, Vinton, VA 24179
Email: info@sandpiperchessies.com
Telephone: (540) 890-0882